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Prospective adoptive parents begin the process by completing and submitting an Adoption Interest Form. A home study (family assessment), which includes documentation, criminal background checks, references, interviews, and parent education, typically takes three to six months before a child or sibling group is placed in the home. There is no specific income requirement, and it is not necessary to own your own home.


Seneca Family of Agencies is particularly noted for its in-depth parent preparation, education and support. Parents are offered extensive educational resources to prepare them for the parenting journey, including skills training by expert trainers, a video library with DVD’s produced in Seneca’s own studios, and a wide range of recommended reading materials.


Seneca's professional staff have a high level of competence and many decades of experience preparing families for adoption, matching their wants and capabilities with the needs of children, and supporting families on their lifelong journeys. Seneca staff are responsible for the very high placement success rate and high client satisfaction ratings.


Infant Adoption

For the placement of apparently healthy newborns a prospective adoptive couple must have a stable marriage or relationship of at least two years duration and must reside in California. Single parent applicants are also eligible. Applicants are typically within their normal child rearing years, and profiles of potential adoptive parents are presented to birth parents who are receiving counseling. Most birth parents request an initial face-to-face meeting and may wish negotiation of certain medical and other expenses as well as varying degrees of openness over time. Fees for Seneca's services will vary depending on the services provided.

To find out more information about adoption in the Central Coast region, visit the Kinship Center website here.

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