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Applications for the Advanced Standing Program are currently open on a rolling basis until July 2016.


Is there an alternative to advanced standing?

While Seneca employees with a BSW are encouraged to apply for advanced standing, Seneca also offers a 60-unit, seven-semester MSW program for employees.


Is there an entrance exam?

No. You do not need to take any entrance exams to apply for the program.


Is the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) required to apply?

No. The GRE is not required for admission.


How competitive is admission?

There are only 10 spots available for the January 2017 start date of the program, and we anticipate a significant number of applicants. There may be cases when individuals are offered employment, but are not selected for the January 2017 cohort. In these instances, you may choose to reapply the following year and benefit from an additional year of experience to strengthen your application, or not accept the employment offer. Seneca will try to coordinate notice of employment and admission status, but this will not be possible in all cases.


How do I apply to the program?

Start your application by applying for a job opening and submitting the supplemental Seneca MSW@USC advanced standing application form. For specific information regarding the process, please visit the application page.


Can I submit my application before I send in my transcripts and other supporting documents?

Yes. You must submit the supplemental form with your application for employment. If you are advanced through the hiring process, you will be notified to submit the additional supplemental documents. Please notify your references that you are interested in this program and that you may be contacting them soon to supply a reference letter.


How will my references know to submit a letter of reference for me?

If you are advanced through the hiring process, Seneca will notify you to send the forms for recommendation to your references. You will find these forms on the applications page.


What does the application review process look like?

All applications and supporting materials will be evaluated by at least two Seneca review team members, who are trained by USC to ensure applicants recommended for this program will meet the admissions requirements to be accepted by USC. Selected applicants will be contacted for at least one interview. For out-of-state applicants, there will be an effort to coordinate interviews at colleges and universities ahead of time. Please look for these schedules. The review team will discuss applicants’ capacities to succeed in this rigorous program and to provide competent clinical work at Seneca.


Once I submit an application, when will I receive a decision about acceptance into the program?

We offer rolling admissions for this program, so you will be informed about the decision on your application several weeks after you submit your completed application (personal statement, references and transcripts). All applicants will receive a decision from Seneca by September 2016. If your USC application is accepted, you will receive USC’s official acceptance in 10 days following the submission of your USC application.


What does it mean if I am on the program wait list?

If you are placed on the wait list, you may be able to participate in the program if other applicants decline acceptance into the program. We are unable to notify wait-listed applicants what ranking they are on the wait list.


If I am not accepted this year, can I apply next year?

Yes.  Another year of experience will increase your qualifications for this program.


Can I apply to USC even if I am not chosen to participate in this program?

Yes. You may apply directly to USC to pursue an MSW at any of the campus-based programs in downtown Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Irvine or San Diego, as well as its online MSW @ USC program through the Virtual Academic Center. However, Seneca will not provide any financial support and cannot guarantee field placement or employment for students who have not been selected for the Seneca MSW @ USC program. Many MSW @ USC students will qualify for financial support directly from USC, outside of the Seneca program.


If you have further questions, please contact us at SenecaMSW-USC@senecacenter.org