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Applications for the Advanced Standing Program are currently open on a rolling basis until July 30, 2016.


Application Phases

There are five phases of the Seneca MSW@USC Advanced Standing program admissions process. These do not address the full hiring process.

Phase 1- Submit supplemental form: 
Apply for a bachelor’s-level job opening. 
Attach the Seneca MSW@USC supplemental form (download form)  to your resume and cover letter. If you do not attach this form, Human Resources (HR) will not know you are interested in the advanced standing MSW program.

Phase 2- Complete application:  
After the initial screening process, selected candidates will be asked to submit the complete Seneca MSW@USC application and supporting documents within two weeks of notification.  The complete application includes: 
     - Full application (download form)  
     - Personal Statement following the assigned prompt (download form)  
     - At least two letters of recommendation (download form) from one of your BSW degree program professors and a supervisor from your BSW fieldwork experience. You will need to send the forms to your recommenders and request that they submit the completed forms as well as letters directly to Seneca. You may include a third letter of recommendation. 
     - Unofficial transcripts from all past post-secondary schools (Please note: You will need to submit official transcripts if you are selected to apply to USC.)

Phase 3- Interview: 
If you are selected for an in-person interview as part of your hiring process, this interview will also be part of the evaluation process for recommendation to the Seneca MSW@USC program. Please note, depending on when you submit your completed Seneca MSW@USC application, you may complete your interview before submitting your completed application.

Phase 4- Submit Intent to Enroll: 
If you are selected for the program and offered a position at Seneca, you will be asked to confirm your commitment to the program by submitting your intent to enroll within five business days. In some cases, you may be offered employment before a decision is made regarding your application to the Seneca MSW@USC program.

Phase 5- Apply to USC: 
If you are recommended for the Seneca MSW@USC program, then you will be asked to: 1) complete USC’s online application, 2) resubmit the same personal statement, and 3) provide your “official” transcripts to USC. Seneca will forward your recommendation letters. USC’s application fee is $85. Although Seneca’s review team is trained by USC, only USC can officially admit you into the program.

Please note: After three to four months of employment the student/employee, will need a positive recommendation from his/her Seneca supervisor before beginning classes in January 2017. This is not a competitive part of the process. This time is primarily to ensure new employees gain an employment foundation before beginning the rigorous academic program.


For more information on admission, please visit Admission FAQs.