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When does my field placement begin?

Field placement begins in the third semester.


Can I choose my field placement?

No, but you will have input into the process. USC’s fieldwork placement committee has the final say. Seneca’s fieldwork coordinator and USC’s fieldwork team will evaluate available options, with the goal of providing an internship that will broaden your educational and life experiences.


Can I do my fieldwork at the Seneca program I work at?

Yes, but it is not guaranteed.  If the program you are employed at can support you in a clinical role, then you may be able to complete fieldwork in your current program. Your responsibilities must be different than they are in the non-graduate level position, and they must be clinical in nature for the majority of your fieldwork hours. If the program cannot support you in a clinical role, then it may be necessary to move to a new program. While we will do everything in our power to try to keep you in a program geographically close to your Seneca work location, relocation may be necessary in certain cases.


Do I get paid?

Yes. You will receive the same wages you receive for your Seneca work during the fieldwork hours.


How many hours a week will I need to commit to my field placement?

You will need to complete 20 hours per week for a total of 550 hours over the two semesters.


Will I receive a grade for the field placement?

Field Practicum is a three-unit course for which you will receive a CR (credit) or NC (no credit) – or an IP (in progress) at the end of the semester if all of the field requirements have not been met. You will receive an evaluation and grade for each semester.


Do I stop fieldwork during school breaks and transitions between semesters?

Your USC degree requires 1,000 hours of fieldwork. In order to provide continual support for your Seneca clients and families, as well as reduce unnecessary coverage, students are requested to continue their fieldwork responsibilities during school breaks. You will be compensated for this time at your normal wages. You can choose to use your paid time off (PTO), as arranged with your supervisor and team, for any time off you need.


Do I need to complete fieldwork at two Seneca programs?

No, advanced standing students complete their fieldwork at one program site.


If you have further questions, please contact us at SenecaMSW-USC@senecacenter.org