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The University of Southern California Financial Aid Office will provide details on how to apply for financial aid, understand your financial aid award, and properly secure all of your loans. Please visit the USC Financial Aid Office (FAO) website for detailed information regarding dates and deadlines, as well as the downloadable forms required to complete your financial aid application. Most students are eligible to receive loans for the total student contribution to their tuition. You do not need to apply for financial aid until you are accepted to the program.

Please note that Seneca and USC School of Social Work scholarships are not part of this financial aid. Students are eligible to apply for loans and other awards directly from USC, as well as non-usc scholarships.

Once your degree is completed, you may also be eligible for loan forgiveness programs if you have paid your loan payments on time and in full for 10 years. Former students must continue to work at a non-profit agency (does not need to be Seneca) in order to qualify for this federal government program. This program is not guaranteed. Additional information can be found on USC's website here.