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Applications for the Advanced Standing Program are currently open on a rolling basis until July 2016.

The Seneca MSW@USC program gives students the opportunity to earn the same well-regarded MSW degree on-campus students receive, but in a highly interactive web-based experience. USC’s robust virtual learning platform utilizes the latest technology to link students with their classmates and professors just like many popular social networking sites, and offers innovative and fun, new ways of presenting course material while still fostering active and collaborative learning. This gives students an even more interactive and fulfilling experience than a traditional classroom.

Seneca MSW@USC advanced standing students work full-time for Seneca while completing their coursework and fieldwork over four semesters. Participants receive significant financial support from both Seneca and USC, while still retaining the ability to earn their full wages and benefits from Seneca.

Interested applicants must first apply for a position as a counselor, mental health assistant, case assistant or other non-graduate level job at one of Seneca’s many programs, operating in over 100 locations in 12 counties throughout California.

Program Benefits

  • Earn a top-tier MSW degree in less time than a traditional program.
  • Start a career path at one of the “Top-Rated Nonprofits” and receive support through the licensure process after obtaining your graduate degree.
  • Learn and practice Seneca’s clinical framework, Unconditional Care, working with the most vulnerable and highest-need children, youth and families.
  • Gain focused, in-depth clinical practice experience with Seneca clients through a supported integration of coursework and fieldwork.
  • Conduct research in collaboration with Seneca's research director that is valuable to the agency and benefits the field of social work.
  • Build relationships with a diverse group of classmates from all over the country, including your Seneca peers.
  • Learn from respected USC faculty and seasoned Seneca staff.


Seneca MSW@USC students can enjoy these perks while pursuing their master’s degrees and keep their full-time status as Seneca employees, earning full pay and benefits, in addition to sizeable scholarships toward the cost of tuition.