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*Please note that all information about scholarship and tuition ammounts are estimates from the fall 2014 cohort and may be slightly different for future cohorts.*

All Seneca MSW@USC students enrolled in the advanced standing program will continue to receive their employee wages, in addition to $26,000 in scholarship support from Seneca and USC, which is applied to the last three semesters. No scholarship funding will be available during the first semester when students are completing six units of bridge courses. Each student must receive at least a “B” average during the first semester to continue in the advanced standing program and receive the scholarship support. All students will also receive a $1,000 book scholarship from USC to purchase textbooks (textbooks purchased with this scholarship are to be passed on for use by the next student cohort).


Seneca MSW@USC students are responsible for all tuition, fees and other associated costs. Additional expenses may include books, supplies, computer and enrollment fees. Seneca and USC are committed to supporting Seneca MSW@USC students for the entirety of the four-semester program at the financial support level outlined below. Future cohorts of students may have a different financial support structure.


USC tuition is based on the number of units enrolled and will change each semester. Tuition may increase an average of 4 percent each year. Projected tuition for the four-semester program is $56,000. The projected tuition and total scholarship support for students is outlined below.


Scholarships are distributed over the last three semesters based on units enrolled and are automatically provided as long as the student maintains full-time employment at Seneca, as well as good academic standing.


Projected Tuition with Scholarship Support (January 2015 Cohort)


Estimated Total Tuition $56,000
USC Scholarship -$13,000
Seneca Scholarship -$13,000
Student Employee's Total Obligation         $30,000


For more information on scholarships, visit Scholarship FAQs.