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Family Finding is a practice developed by Kevin Campbell that offers methods and strategies to locate and engage the relatives of children who are living in out-of-home care. The goal of family finding is to provide each child with the life-long connections that only a family can offer. Core beliefs inherent in this approach include:


  • Every child has a family;
  • Loneliness can be devastating and particularly felt by foster children;
  • Meaningful connections to family help a child develop a sense of belonging;
  • The single most identified factor contributing to positive outcomes for children involves meaningful connections and lifelong relationships with family.


Seneca provides family finding services for children placed or enrolled in many of its programs. The agency initially partnered with Kevin Campbell to create the Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness, which later merged with the California Permanency for Youth Project to form the current National Institute for Permanent Family Connectedness. The goals for the Center include: (1) to connect our most isolated youth to family members who can love and support them; (2) to design and implement technology to track Family Finding progress and outcomes; and (3) to advocate for changes in larger systems of care that will promote family unity and lifelong connections for children. Currently, Bob Friend, Kevin Campbell and other Center staff provide Family Finding trainings for public and private social service and child welfare agencies located throughout the United States and British Columbia.


Services are provided in Orange, Marin and San Francisco counties, while Family Finding trainings are available throughout the US and Canada. Interested in receiving our NIPFC Permanency Blast? Sign up now, or email Seneca’s Family Finding Coordinator at FamilyFinding@senecacenter.org.

We are excited to announce the launch of the NIPFC Podcast "Let's Have a Conversation", a discussion and look into the development of innovative practices in the field of child welfare and permanency. The first available episode is the introduction of a four part series of conversations with Kevin Campbell, interviewed by NIPFC director, Bob Friend, on the origins of his Family Finding Model.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4 - new episode!