Make a difference in someone’s life today

Seneca knows that children thrive when they are rooted in safe and loving homes. Every child needs and deserves the meaningful, lifelong connections of a permanent, loving family. Our continuum of family programs includes Family Finding, Relative Kinship Care, Foster/ Resource Care and Adoption, delivered with the goal that no matter how challenging their circumstances may be, every child has a family to call their own.

Become a Parent

There are more than 60,000 children in foster care in California. Most children that enter foster care are able to reunify with their birth parents or extended relatives. Some children that enter care, are never able to return home and need permanency through adoption. Children shouldn’t have to endure any additional loss or ambiguity, so Seneca seeks families for children, not children for families. Become a parent who can care for a child unconditionally for as long as they need it, for a day or a lifetime. Become a Parent