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Seneca provides a continuum of community and school-based services that contest the existing narrative about what is possible for youth facing the most significant challenges. The agency’s founding commitment to do whatever it takes to help children and families thrive – no matter how profound the challenges they face – forms the basis of our Unconditional Care® model. Seneca’s services are designed to be highly accessible and responsive to the academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs and goals of each child and family, reaching them in their homes, schools, and communities.

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Seneca’s school-based programs welcome all students and families, particularly those who have experienced past struggles in school. Services are designed in partnership with teachers and families to provide students with the academic, behavioral and social-emotional supports they need to succeed. Close collaboration with teachers and families ensures that new skills are used in the classroom and home setting, and that everyone feels better able to meet the unique needs of their students. Seneca’s approach rests on the belief that students are best served by staff, families, and youth working hand in hand and learning from each other’s experiences and expertise.

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Mental Health

No one should have to struggle with mental health challenges alone. In close partnership with public mental health, education, child welfare, and juvenile probation agencies, other service providers, and consumer organizations, Seneca provides a wide range of strengths-based and outcomes-oriented mental health services that annually reach over 9,000 children and youth with complex and enduring needs. Seneca’s services, while focused on the child, are centered in the family, with parents and other family members playing a central role in the planning, provision, and evaluation of services. Above all, Seneca’s programs build upon and enhance the strengths of children and families, accelerating their progress toward attaining stability, self-sufficiency, and long-term success.

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Children thrive when rooted in safe, nurturing homes. Every child needs and deserves the meaningful, lifelong connections of a permanent, loving family – connections referred to by child welfare professionals as permanency. Seneca provides an array of permanency-focused programs and services to help ensure that every child has a safe and loving place to call home. While the first goal of permanency is to keep children with their family of origin, our continuum of permanency programs include foster care, relative kinship care, visitation services, family finding, and adoption. Developed and practiced over the past three decades, Seneca’s evidence-informed permanency programs help ensure that each and every child, no matter how challenging their needs and circumstances, has a family to support and nurture them through childhood and into adulthood.

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Seneca is committed to informing and improving the local, state and federal systems that serve children and families. A nationally recognized and Joint Commission-accredited organization, Seneca collaborates with communities to implement responsive services to support young people to thrive. In addition to addressing existing gaps in services, Seneca’s broad geographic range and continuum of mental health, permanency, education and juvenile justice programs position the agency as a leader in contributing best practices and shaping public policy. This work can take many forms: providing trainings to service providers through the Seneca Institute for Advanced Practice; local county-level advocacy; legislative engagement; participation in statewide workgroups and councils; developing partnerships or coalitions to advance innovative systems-change ideas, and more.

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Reunified Immigrant Families

“Todo Por Mi Familia” is a mental health initiative promoted by the Seneca Family of Agencies, a California-based nonprofit organization that coordinates different types of counseling for thousands of immigrant parents and children immigrants who were separated at the U.S. border. If you would like to know more about this amazing work, please click here!