Mental Health Resources

Please join us in celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month this May by spreading the word about mental health awareness and resources that are available to those who need support.

We believe #MentalHealthMatters!

Seneca Family of Agencies: No one should have to struggle with mental health challenges alone. In close partnership with public mental health, education, child welfare, and juvenile probation agencies, other service providers, and consumer organizations, Seneca provides a wide range of strengths-based and outcomes-oriented mental health services that annually reach over 9,000 children and youth with complex and enduring needs. Seneca’s services, while focused on the child, are centered in the family, with parents and other family members playing a central role in the planning, provision, and evaluation of services. Above all, Seneca’s programs build upon and enhance the strengths of children and families, accelerating their progress toward attaining stability, self-sufficiency, and long-term success. To learn more about Seneca Family of Agencies, click here.

Children’s Health Council (CHC) is a nonprofit agency that has been providing best-in-class learning and mental health services to families in our community for nearly 70 years. We envision a world where everyone can reach their promise and potential. Our mission is to transform young lives by providing culturally-responsive best-in-class learning and mental health services to families from diverse backgrounds regardless of language, location or ability to pay. We offer programs for ADHD, Learning Differences & Executive Functioning, Anxiety, Depression & Suicidality and Autism through our schools, education programs, clinical services, robust community education programs and curated online resources. Our goal is to raise awareness, build partnerships, reduce stigma and ensure that no one ever feels alone. To learn more about CHC, click here.

Momentum for Health exists to help individuals achieve mental and emotional health, discover and reach their potential, and fully participate in life. Momentum offers adults, adolescents and families an array of high-quality programs and services that promote a healthier, independent future. The organization focuses on a seamless delivery of comprehensive behavioral health services that are accessible, integrated, effective and engaging, resulting in the best treatment possible. To learn more about Momentum for Health, click here.

The mission of NAMI Santa Clara County is to help people with a lived experience of mental illness and families by providing support, education and advocacy; to promote research; to reduce stigma and discrimination in the community; and to improve services by working with mental health professionals and families. There are many supports, services and treatment options that may help. A change in behavior or mood may be the early warning signs of a mental health condition and should never be ignored. NAMI Santa Clara County offers peer-led, free programs. With the unique understanding of people with lived experience, these education programs and support groups provide outstanding free education, skills training and support. Call our Warm Line (408-453-0400) for more information. Please visit our website for updates on our May events including a mental health awareness campaign with the Golden State Warriors, our multi-media diversity campaign titled, “Understanding Unity” and more! Thank you for supporting us and we look forward to serving you! Please stay safe and remember that in the darkest times, you are not alone. To learn more about NAMI Santa Clara County, click here.

Founded in 1973, AACI is one of the largest community-based organizations advocating for and serving the marginalized and vulnerable ethnic communities in Santa Clara County. Our mission is to strengthen the hope and resilience of our community members by improving their health and well-being. AACI Behavioral Health offers linguistically and culturally sensitive services that help clients overcome barriers to care.  Our trauma-informed, client-centered, community-based approach includes individual, group and family counseling for all ages virtually, at our clinics, in the home, at school or in the community. To learn more about AACI, click here.

Pacific Clinics is one of the largest, most comprehensive behavioral health treatment providers in California. Each year, they do whatever it takes to help more than 35,000 children and family members manage and recover from challenges stemming from prior trauma—such as severe neglect and abuse—and learn the essential life skills they need to be successful at home, at school, and in their community. Pacific Clinics’ Santa Clara county crisis line for youth is 408-379-9085. To learn more about Pacific Clinics, click here.

At Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley, a division of Caminar, we recognize that each child, teen, and adult comes to us with unique needs and experiences. We partner with our clients to achieve individual goals and to empower clients to transform their lives. To learn more about Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley, click here.

Community Solutions is dedicated to assisting youth, families, and adults to achieve triumphs over their challenges. Toward that end, we provide a comprehensive spectrum of prevention, intervention, treatment, and residential services to help children, families, and individuals who are challenged by mental health and substance use issues, trauma, severe family dysfunction, sexual assault, domestic/intimate partner violence, and human trafficking. Our mission is to create opportunities for positive change by promoting and supporting the full potential of individuals, the strengths of families, and the well-being of our community. You are not alone; we are here to help! To learn more about Community Solutions, click here.

Alum Rock Counseling Center (ARCC) provides a wide range of mental health counseling and educational support services, designed to improve mental and emotional well-being, increase family functioning, and address students’ school-related behavior and attendance issues. ARCC’s programs provide quality behavioral health care to youth (ages 0-21) throughout Santa Clara County, with a focus on serving the Spanish-speaking Latinx communities in East and Central San Jose. Services include individual and family counseling, school-based services (in over 40 local schools), substance use prevention education, virtual/online wellness spaces for youth, First 5 services, parent training & workshops, and trauma recovery and support. To learn more about Alum Rock Counseling Center, click here.

Mekong Community Center is a non-profit organization was formed in 1989 to serve the Vietnamese refugees settled in East San Jose with mental challenges after the Vietnam war ended in 1975. Mekong continues providing outpatient services to the Vietnamese community in case management, mental health, crisis intervention and medical support for children, families, and adults. Mekong added a new wellness center in 2021, the wellness center focuses on prevention and early intervention through outreach, education, health/ wellness workshops, resources linkage, and cultural events to help reducing the stigma of mental illness heavily imbedded in Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Communities in Santa Clara County.

The Health Trust is a nonprofit operating foundation focused on building health equity in Silicon Valley. As a funder, provider, and advocate we believe everyone in our community should have the opportunity to be healthy, both physically and mentally. Through an array of programs and services, The Health Trust helps vulnerable individuals in our community improve their health and champions systems and policy changes to eliminate health disparities. To learn more about The Health Trust, please click here.