Ortega Family Testimonial

“Our family is very grateful to have received assistance and guidance from Kinship Center’s Family Ties program. Without Family Ties, we would not be where we are today and would have found it very hard to fix all of the issues going on in our lives concerning the untimely death of our son and caring for our two grandsons as two retired seniors.

We did not know where to start or where to turn and Family Ties saved us. Their employees are kind and caring and always willing to help us. We have received a lot of help that we will never be able to pay back and for that we are grateful. Family Ties helped us get legal guardianship of our grandsons, even providing transportation to the court hearings due to my husband not being able to drive due to his recent bout with cancer. We also were able to receive guidance, transportation and advocacy when it came to obtaining our grandsons’ MediCal and Survivor Benefits.

The Family Ties recreation program has been and continues to be a great help for our family, as both our grandsons continue to be very active in their events and enjoy these activities very much. Every month we are able to benefit from some of the same recreation events to allow us to receive some much-needed respite. Both of us have also been able to increase our knowledge by attending various parenting classes and trainings through Kinship Center to help us learn to deal with the trauma and grief that our grandsons had to go through.

Finally, we are very grateful for the time and empathy the Case Managers showed us and for allowing us the time to speak on our own troubles and grief. They consistently gave us words of encouragement and hope while being a mentor to us every step of the way. We are truly thankful for Family Ties and hope they can continue to provide their services to other families in similar situations.”

-The Ortega Family