Professional Development & Training

Foundation Series

Foundation #1 – Why are you here?

Participants will explore how our own motivations, goals, background and beliefs influence our work in education and as sources of support for students with significant needs.

Foundations #2 – Communication and Teamwork Strategies

This training focuses on the importance of proactive communication and positive teamwork strategies. The Workshop includes interactive ways to practice the strategies and opportunities to consider how to integrate the practices into the school’s culture.

Foundations #3 – Trauma Informed Education

Through the development of a shared definition of trauma, school staff will be able to understand the frequency at which trauma may be occurring in the classroom, how traumatic experiences connect to classroom behavior, and how the school environment may be triggering to students who have experienced trauma.

Foundations #4 – Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviors

This training supports school staff in understanding the behavioral escalation cycle and how to develop trauma-informed strategies to both prevent and de-escalate student problem behavior.

Culture & Climate

Students With Special Needs

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