Donor Spotlight: John D’Arrigo

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John D’Arrigo has touched the lives of thousands of children on the Central Coast through his decades of supporting Kinship Center.

“As long-time donors and supporters of Kinship Center, the D’Arrigo family and D’Arrigo California company appreciates the broad spectrum of behavioral, mental, and social services Kinship Center provides to help and guide children and families through, oftentimes, very traumatic circumstances. We believe in the hard work and dedication of Kinship Center employees and their implementation and follow through of programs that provide a continuum of all-round care and support for children and families throughout the Central Coast region of California.

Through direct and daily support, Kinship Center offers hope, support and security for some of our most vulnerable community members during, what can be, very traumatic and challenging circumstances. Kinship Center’s ability to strengthen and advance children and families to attain stability and self-sufficiency is very important work. We believe that children and families will continue to flourish when they have a safe and nurturing place to call home and a strong, continuing support system.

In 2004, our family sponsored the D’Arrigo Children’s Mental Health Clinic because we recognized the great need for mental health services among children and families. The health of an individual’s emotional, psychological, and social well-being determines how they handle stress, relate to others, and make short term and long term choices. The clinic provides critical mental health and support services to foster healthy behaviors and social connectedness.”