Emilia’s Story

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In January of 2021, 7-year-old Emilia came to Kinship Center after she was removed from her home due to severe physical and emotional abuse. She came to us as a shy, frightened, and timid little girl who had never experienced the safety and security of a stable home. At the young age of seven, she was already accustomed to making herself breakfast, dressing herself, and getting herself to school, all on her own.

At the same time Emilia came to Kinship Center, a resource family we had just approved was ready to provide unconditional love and care to a child, regardless of that child’s history and behaviors, and for however short or long time that child needed. The family was equipped with the skills that Kinship Center’s intensive foster parent training curriculum provides, and they were ready to welcome Emilia to their family.

“It was really hard. Emilia had problems with nightmares and bed-wetting. She would rarely speak to us and she still thought she had to do everything on her own. One night, after we put her to bed, we found her in the kitchen getting her breakfast ready for the next day. We tried to make her understand that we were here for her now, and that we would take care of her and show her the love she deserves,” Emilia’s foster mom told her Kinship Center social worker.

After months of therapy, counseling, and countless hugs and displays of unconditional love from her foster family, Emilia started to open up, settle into her new environment, and thrive. She finally started living the life that every child deserves. Her foster mother recently told the social worker that Emilia just started calling her mom.

The court recently determined that Emilia won’t be able to reunify with her biological family, and Emilia’s foster family is planning to adopt her this year. “Building loving, caring forever families for children in my community is what makes my job so rewarding. I am so grateful to do this work,” said Emilia’s social worker.