Our Mission

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Our Mission:
Committed to the core belief that every child deserves a family, Seneca Family of Agencies (previously called Kinship Center) provides the full spectrum of family-centered support to strengthen the families and communities we serve through foster care, adoption, relative caregiver, mental health, and wraparound services.

About Us:
Recognizing that loving homes and stable families are critical for supporting youth and their ability to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential, Seneca was founded to build and support safe, loving families where children can heal from past trauma and grow to healthy adulthood, even in the face of profound challenges. Our growing continuum of child and family services throughout the Central Coast region of California provide thousands of youth and their caregivers with support to better understand and cope with trauma and stress, increase their compassion and resilience, and improve communication skills. Services include foster care, adoption and foster-to-adopt programming, innovative parenting classes, wraparound, outpatient mental health therapy, hands-on support to relative caregivers, staff-led parent/child playgroups, and play-based therapeutic activities and youth camps.

Seneca is an acknowledged leader in the field of child welfare and has been recognized nationally, with awards from the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for our exceptional outcomes for children. Through a merger in 2011, Kinship Center became a member of Seneca Family of Agencies, California’s largest child and family services agency, and is now called Seneca Central Coast. In addition to governance through Seneca Family of Agencies’ Board of Directors, a Monterey County (non-governance) Leadership Board and other volunteers specific to our Central Coast region help keep us connected to and supported by the local community.

Seneca depends on public and private funds to support all of its direct-service programs. We welcome you to donate now to help us continue providing our critical programs and services to the community.

Seneca is licensed by the State of California, Community Care Licensing Division, certified by health and behavioral health departments in counties where clinics are present, certified by Regional Center for care of medically fragile and developmentally disabled children, accredited by The Joint Commission, and a member of the California Association of Adoption Agencies and Voice for Adoption. Seneca does not discriminate in the provision of its services, programs and products, or in its employment practices.