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Serving Children, Youth, and Families in SLO County

Seneca offers programs in San Luis Obispo County including foster care and adoption, children's mental health, and relative caregiver services. Seneca's Kinship Center's adoption and foster care program is also located at our SLO County office in Atascadero. Seneca offers programs in SLO County including foster care and adoption, children's mental health, and relative caregiver services.

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Foster Care and Adoption in SLO County (A Kinship Center Program)

Foster Care
Kinship Center’s foster care program includes short- or long-term parenting for children with a variety of special circumstances. We welcome new adults who are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent. Some parents enter the process with the intention of adopting their foster children, while others prefer to remain a transitional placement.

Kinship Center professional staff have a high level of competence and many decades of experience preparing families for adoption, matching their wants and capabilities with the needs of children, and supporting families on their lifelong journeys. Kinship Center staff are responsible for the very high placement success rate and high client satisfaction ratings.

For more information and to talk to one of our recruiters, fill out our Foster Care and Adoption Interest Form. You can also call (831) 455-4740 or email

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Relative Caregiver Services in SLO County

Support Groups and Other Services
Family Ties Support Groups meet 1st and 3rd Tuesdays at 6pm and 2nd and 4th Fridays at 1pm virtually via Zoom and help maximize the caregivers’ ability to learn and implement new skills. These support groups help relatives with the specialized needs and day-to-day care of children and adolescents, as well as providing the families with a network where they can share their experiences, empathize, communicate, and help each other. Attending these groups can help reduce feelings of isolation, overwhelm, confusion and frustration. Groups are led by skilled Case Managers and cover a wide range of topics including trauma informed parenting, applying for public benefits, the importance of self-care, how to obtain legal guardianship, and navigating the IEP process.

Case Management Services and Recreation Activities
We provide families with intensive case management services to achieve stability and sustainability. We connect families with community partner resources to help with financial burdens such as rent, utility payments and legal guardianship. We also provide our families with weekly food boxes, clothing from our clothing closet and support in finding furniture and other physical needs. Families are engaged in psycho-educational courses to further their parenting skills with children that have experienced trauma and loss.

Recreational activities are provided for our families which include seasonal events, summer outings and ways to give back to the community. Some annual events include Fall Family Fun Night, Giving Thanks Feast, and Project Surf Camp.

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For more information about our relative caregiver services please contact Branden Kay, Family Ties Program Coordinator, at (805) 434-2449, or via email at

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Children's Mental Health in SLO County

Seneca's Atascadero office in San Luis Obispo County offers specialty mental health and counseling services to children and families touched by adoption, foster care, relative caregiving, or legal guardianship. Our clinic includes a variety of family-based services, including traditional mental health therapies for youth and their families, an Early Intervention Program, and counseling for adult adoptees, parents, siblings and birth families. Seneca is particularly noted for its in-depth education and support for parents and caregivers. For more information, call (805) 434-2449.


Seneca's Training Institute

The issues surrounding adoption, foster care, and relative care are complex and lifelong for families. Seneca provides a variety of trainings at our Seneca offices giving parents and professionals the tools they need for success.

To register for a training, class, or support group, please visit our training calendar. For more information, contact Margaret Henderson, Training Manager.

Training Calendar

Families that were separated at the border have endured unfathomable trauma, the ramifications of which may be lifelong. In this moment, more than ever, we need your support. Seneca's Todo Por Mi Familia initiative connects thousands of families impacted by the Zero Tolerance Policy with free mental health services. Donate today to provide emergency relief to these families who need assistance to get back on their feet.

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